Higher Education Part 2 – Putting Together a Compelling Application Package

A compelling application package is an essential part of your graduate application process.  This video details the content and the organization, both important aspects, of the components of this package, viz., the profile, Statement of Purpose and supporting documentation.  Sample documents describing the good, the bad and the ugly can be downloaded at …

Read Dr. Pappu’s article on creating a perfect application package at topuniversities.com.

  1. One Page Profile – Boring
  2. One Page Profile – Exciting
  3. SOP Good
  4. Poor SOP 01
  5. Poor SOP 02
  6. Poor SOP 03
  7. Poor SOP 04
  8. Poor SOP 05
  9. Appendix – About the College
  10. Appendix – Project Summary
  11. Appendix – Course Curriculum
  12. Appendix – Other Activities

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